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Memphis was invented by a group of Italian designers and architects in 1980 till 1988
Brought together by Ettore Sottsass who was one of the leading members in the group.

He called the Memphis design the ‘New international style’ and they still influences the graphic designs, restaurant designs, fabrics and furnishings of today.

The group used strong, bold colours and used industrial materials like plastic laminates, wood etc. and put the products together like normal furniture.
They used forms and shapes influenced by Art Deco (1930’s), ‘futuristic style’ (1950’s), ‘kitsch’ (1950’s) and Pop art (1960’s).

Urban Chic

Urban Chic is all about a simplistic look with minimalistic elements like an ultra modern, sleek and stylish magazine model home that is pleasing to the eye and easy to care for.

Think about the modern metropolitan boutique hotels, mixing stainless steel and concrete with bold colours and iconic design features.

Urban Chic is centered on the idea of accentuating a single focal point.
That can be a great view are a stunning art object ore statue with a bold color ore design


An Urban Chic design is simple to achieve with a few basics:

  • Furniture should be of a single, neutral shade of brown, black, or white that contains no pattern.
  • Walls should be painted in the same color family as the furniture (i.e. dark brown leather furniture will go with lighter brown paint colors, black furniture can have grey walls, etc.).
  • Walls should be kept fairly bare. For black furniture and grey walls or white furniture with white rooms a couple of black and white prints are all that are needed. For brown tones photos or paintings in sepia tones are best
  • Accent pillows and accessories (vases, sculptures, etc.) should be kept to a minimum and should be in subdued colors such as sage, light grey, lavender, flax, etc.
  • End tables, coffee tables, and consoles should be chrome with grey tinted glass for the grey room or wood with amber tinted glass for brown rooms. White rooms can utilize white wood with frosted glass in order to maintain whichever focal point you've selected.
  • If curtains are used at all they should be the same color as the walls with no pattern. This not only makes the space look larger, but also ensures that they do not detract from the focal point.

Metropolitan Style is a mix of classic and modern elements with the glamour and glitter of Hollywood with luxues materials and comfort with a freedom of styles and materials, like grandmothers cabinet combined with a bling-bling mirror
Eye catching objects of decoration, like large statues and paintings gold framings, chandeliers with 'Swarovski'crystals, Neon advertisin, publicity signs, lockers, sports, skywalkers ore efen a pink flamingo.  The sky is the limit


Metropolitan Style has a lot in comen with the Urban Chic Style and Eclectic Style


Eclectic Style is for those with a big imagination in order to design an environment, which would have a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work.

They like statement interiors and want their home to reflect their personality and are not afraid to mix different styles and materials from different time periods and different origins within a single project.

This style is loved by the Hipsters


The Term Brutalism ( raw) emerged in the 1950s to the with monumental buildings made of unornamented concrete with strength and solidity.


Le Corbusier essentially created the Brutalist style; look at the  Marcel Breuer-designed Whitney Museum of American Art and Paul Rudolph‘s Yale Art and Architecture Building.


Lately the word “Brutalist” has been adopted for designs of furniture and decorative arts with raw somber industrial rough mechanical appearance
Per example mirror frames and lighting that are made of rougher, deeply textured metals and other materials that are the visual and palpable antithesis of the sleek, smooth and suave.


Brutalist design is about the imperfect appeal of hand-made crafted items  and is created using 21st-century mainly raw, unrefined  materials and technology.
A good exemple are pieces of Paul Evans with his sculpted front cabinets laced with high-relief patinated and his steel mounts chairs and tables in his later “sculpted-bronze” series


Other designers are Silas Seandel with works in metal — in particular his tables — have a kind of brawny lyricism, and Curtis Jere for the California team of Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels,  the bold makers of expressive scorched and sheared copper and brass mirror frames and wall-mounted sculptures.

Some other designers are Tom Greene, Maurizio Tempestini, Feldman, Paul Kingma but the names most Brutalist designers are, so far, unknown to history.

High Tech

One of the most striking of recent styles is the socalled High Tech which employs industrial, medical, and other technical equipment as components in residential room design.

Your interior can be filled with 'outdated' antique and retro pieces which can be broken ore unrestored

Landmark photographs, old-timey portraits, small modern art pieces and collectibles, old toy collections and figures and Chill out with a lot of blankets, pillows, rugs and beanbags
The music you love is important, display your favorite record on the wall and buy whatever artwork you like
Revealing a brick wall with cracked plaster


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