Vintage industrial adjustable plywood desk


This Office of metal with a pagholz (plywood) blade is from the years 70
The Office is fully adjustable and was used on schools to used for older children up to their adult height (the Chair that comes with State has an adult seat height of 46 cm)
The height of the Office taken horizontally runs from 58 cm to 95 cm. Also, he cant.
Ideal to work with e.g. a laptop
With the two rotary knobs on the side, the Office may be put firmly on your ideal height
Takes up little place in use, the leaf is 70 x 50 cm
Noticed at the bottom: Pag press work AG
The sheet is slightly deepened so that there is a ledge is created so that e.g. a laptop or book firmly continues to lie even if the leaf cant
The white four corner at the top of the leaf is to secure a loose sheet of paper underneath so he won't slide away every time.
There is about everything thought at this Office, really a top desk








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