Authentic Jieldé workshop lamp


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Unique mythical industrial vintage Jieldé lamp designed by Jean Louis Domecq, 1950s France
This is the original model created and straight out of a factory
All metal, a solid screw strap attachment, two swivel arms, a removable head and an arm allowing it to be grasped without burning to activate it with ease, a switch at the base of the reflector.
It has its original plaque certifying its origin and authenticity.
It has retained its original green metal paint and has traces of time that gives it an incredible charm.
Seeing it in front of you, it is easy to understand the success it still carries today.
The lamp can be used as an appliqué on the wall or on a table top or workbench
Robust and indestructible material.


See as an exemple on the Nestler drawing table


Size : each arm is 40 cm ( the total lengthe is 120 cm) The total diam is 21 cm  ( de diam of the shade is 15 cm)


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